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London | Tori Chilcott | The Future of Brands: How not to break the internet

Whatever brands do, they need to get people's attention; which means competing with the internet, all at once. How? For that answer we look to Torie Chilcott, the ex-TV Producer and all round communication and media queen who will be joining us on the 22nd March to help us explore 'how not to break the internet.'


Torie Chilcott, a Winner of Everywoman’s Technology of the Year AND Guinness Book of Records Holder for Marketing, started her career working as a tv producer on a variety of entertainment and factual entertainment shows. After setting up and growing Rockabox Media (later Scoota) into a global leader in creative rich media programmatic distribution she moved on to set up Paddle Consulting. Helping brands emotionally connect to their audiences by creating a unique database of people’s emotions and tastes and a new engagement methodology called FUBI ™ that works as a springboard to multi-dimensional communications, key messaging, creative planning and execution.