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London | Professor Karen Pollitt Cham | Game Your Brain: Neurological impact of UX

The world is experiencing a merging of media and minds that we haven't yet created a vocabulary for. 

We know that user experience design has the power to respond to what algorithms deem "suitable" to us, but have we understood that this changes the way our brains work in symbiosis with our machines? What if we could understand these changing neurological dynamics as Cognitive or Rich UX as the starting point for our designs to purposely deliver desirable human outcomes?

From using design to combat smoking addiction to nudging concept recognition and formation for autistic users through designed media content to navigation by instinct in immersive environments, Professor Karen Pollitt Cham is exploring all this with her work at the University of Brighton.

Join us for the relaunch of talking series, Rising Minds London, as Professor Cham delves into how we can harness this merging of media and minds and understand the Singularity of technology and human behaviour.

**Please note: Arrivals from 7:45am when refreshments and light snacks will be served. Talk will start at 8:15am sharp. 

Tickets for this event will be released on Thursday November 16th. Mark your calendars as they go fast: Get tickets here.

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