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New York | John Anderson | Smart Design | Designing Technology for Voice

Since we find it so easy to communicate with one another, you could assume that crafting a conversational voice user interface would be easy for designers. But the truth is, there are dozens of intricacies that come with designing for voice. Join us as we discuss with technology trailblazer John Anderson. John Anderson recently collaborated with a team of inventors for the BBC2 television show Big Life Fix, looking to create new and life-changing solutions for people in need.  


John Anderson, Technology Director, Smart Design

John takes a lead role in shaping the technology discipline at Smart Design through innovative processes, pilots and experiments. With a background in agile start-up techniques and a design-minded approach to engineering, he has more than a decade of experience in consulting, product design, software engineering and entrepreneurship. A frequent speaker on technology at General Assembly panels and in classrooms, John also received an Emmy in the “best kids digital” category for his work with PBS’s The Electric Company.