Whitney Hopkins | The Future of Design Ethics


Having previously worked in product design for 10 years as a founder of 4b, Whitney employed anthropological techniques to create innovative services and products. She now uses these techniques in architecture to make projects more relevant to the people using them, as a founder of Hopkins Architecture, LLC. Trained as a field ecologist, her ecology expertise is in habitat mapping for conservation and restoration purposes. She uses ecology and biomimicry tools to make her projects more sustainable and connected to the environment.

4b is a design strategy collective that specialises in gender related to product design, design thinking, and branding. The collective is founded by three core members who were all founders of the FemmeDen, a group at the design consultancy Smart Design. 4b looks into issues of gender and design and attempts to influence the making of products that are more inclusive.

The consequence of bad or unintentional design is not just bad design. It causes real problems for real people.Is this a consequence of human nature or can we learn how to bring good design into everything we do; whether we are a designer or not?