Toby Hanington | The Future of Social Innovation


It will take far more than one start-up or ‘invention’ to drive the necessary change for successful social innovation. Drawing from his experience at TBN and the work they do with their ecosystem partners, Toby will speak about a new model he wants to see.

One of collaboration, co-ordination and institutional revolution across organisations simultaneously, that will help drive effective social impact in the future.

About our speaker:

Toby is the co-founder of The Baobab Network, Africa’s social impact technology accelerator. After spending several years in investment banking, Toby set up TBN with a dream to have more impact in the work he was doing. What started off in 2016 with 8 random people jetting off to Kenya, sleeping on friends sofas to help 2 fledgling start-ups, has now grown into a bespoke accelerator that helps Africa’s most exciting tech start-ups, solve some of the continent’s most pressing problems.

The Baobab Network connects early stage businesses in Sub Saharan Africa with talent and investors from around the world through a two-week impact consultancy programme.

Check out the Baobab Network here.