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Artificial Intelligence - Who is it working for? : Building A.I. to look into the Mirror

Everyone knows about Tesla, but are we really in the era of the driverless car? What responsibility do we have in developing these systems?

Yan Chen, Co-Founder of Lens Immersive answered these questions and more in our Future of Work Series. Drawing on almost 20 years’ experience in VFX in Hollywood as well as rich expertise in AR/MR/VR in a range of organisations, Yan explored a number of topics …

What's the role of A.I. in image recognition and media? Where will this lead when A.I. can generate new media that is consumable, or even, enjoyable?

What does cross-platform mean in this era? What does that mean for meta-platform and engaging VR across existing media?

What about +A.I. the new compute platform?

A lot to cover in around 30 minutes - but he did it.

He had our Rising Minders enthralled and inspired as he discussed the impact of Artificial Intelligence on media consumption and what this means for tomorrows technology, content creation and ultimately the future of digital.

About Yan –

Yan Chen is a co-founder of LENS Immersive - a deep tech, core infrastructure dev company, which explores the possibilities and challenges presented by our social expansion into virtual technologies

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