Geoff MacDonald | The Future of Mental Health


The London crowd were taken through Geoff's personal mental wellbeing journey and inspired to think about how they could take the challenge of mental health and wellbeing to their businesses.

Geoff McDonald is a very much sought after speaker, inspiring and provoking Organizations to put purpose and wellbeing at the center of everything they do. His experience in Unilever, (25 years) under the pupilage of Paul Polman, allows him to provide very practical insights and speak on how to go about truly embedding PURPOSE and address the taboo associated with wellbeing (particularly mental health) within a large global multi-national Organization.

He recently had the opportunity to engage with Pope Francis on how we create a more sustainable and inclusive economy through his work with the Global Foundation. He has also co-founded a network called Minds@Work, which has grown from 14 members to over a 1000 in two years. Its purpose being to insoire and equip individuals to break the stigma of mental ill health in organisations they work in.