Katie Baron | Stylus | New Era Luxury: Rites, Rituals and Culture Clubs and Virtual Added Value.

05.15 | LDN | Katie Baron, Stylus

Head of Retail at Stylus Media Group and author, Katie Baron will be taking us through the future of retail and engagement across physical and online and what the new era of luxury, and the cultural clubs that make it, look like.

Formerly a fashion producer, she is a prolific London-based journalist, brand strategist, author and creative consultant with extensive experience within the fashion, retail and design industries having worked with Habitat and Liberty as well as holding the title of fashion features editor for Volt Magazine.

Laurence King published her first book, Stylists: New Fashion Visionaries, in March 2012. Her second book, working title Fashion & Music: The Fashion Creatives Shaping the Music Industry is scheduled to publish in early 2016.