Chad Jackson | Squarespace | Rise of the Mobile Web

By 2020 as a result of the increased use of smart phones 1 billion more people will come online. This is remarkable considering in many parts of the world there are more users of mobile phones than there are those with regular access to electricity.

This talk will discuss the impact of the increased use of mobile phones to access the internet, both in developing and developed countries, and what this means to today's tech startups and content providers.

Chad is a creator and product manager of mobile and web apps. Chad started his first online marketing company in 2000 and has since cofounded several successful dot coms including Superfuture, Love the 88, Sellout, and Sendicate. Chad is currently Product Manager at Square Space, NYC.


Where are you right now?
Roman’s, in FortGreene, Brooklyn.

Where do you go when you need inspiration?
Somewhere where i immersed in natural beauty.

Idleness. A gift or curse?

To Bitcoin, or not to Bitcoin?
Obviously Bitcoin, as both a currency and a protocol.

Liberal Democracy or Democratic Liberalism?
A little bit of both

Carpe Diem or nosce te ipsum (know thyself)?
Carpe Diem.

Last app opened?

Last book read? 
“Super Intelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies” by Nick Bostrom - recommended reading by Elon Musk about the approaching AI singularity. 

Favourite Album?
Prince, Purple Rain.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?
Do what makes you happy.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever bestowed?
I give terrible advice...

If you could be anywhere, where would it be?
In space.

If you could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?
Being a good dad.

In the next three years what innovation will have the greatest impact on technology/business/culture? 

Global access to the internet.