06.14 | LDN | Jason Mesut

The future of user interface

If anyone can help your company work out what to do next, it’s Jason Mesut fromPlan.

He brings clarity to the front end of innovation: advising traditional physical product-based companies on how to embrace digital services, and for digital services companies how to develop physical products, to deepen their connection with their customers. He also helps organisations raise their game in design: helping build design capability, integrating it into organisations, and building cohesion in design teams.

An expert in what happens when the physical and digital worlds collide, this user experience powerhouse will take you on a tour of the design and technology trends you need to know about.


The Rising Interview 

Where are you right now?

I am Head of User Experience at Plan

Where do you go when you need inspiration? 

I try to keep on top of twitter and spend a lot of time in bed looking at flipboard and saving things (see my magazines here). My secret source of interface inspiration is a blog called Create Digital Music by Peter Kirn.

Idleness. A gift or curse? 

I don ’t get much time for idleness, but I remember a few years going away on a holiday between jobs and away from my partner, with the goal to get bored. SO in some ways it would be a gift to me.

To Bitcoin, or not to Bitcoin? 

That’s one thing in life I don’t truly understand, so not for me right now. It’s a form of gambling and I don’t gamble due to my addictive personality.

Liberal Democracy or Democratic Liberalism? 

I don’t really know. Just plain free speech, debate and lots of opinions

Carpe Diem or nosce te ipsum (know thyself)?

Both: know yourself and where you want to change, and take whatever opportunities come your way to extend yourself in the way you know you need to, despite the discomfort and pain you know you’ll have to experience

Last app opened? 

Facebook. But I don’t really use it any more (honest). My girlfriend just posted a comment and she is away with my kids at the moment.

Last book read?

I find myself not reading much any more despite my large book collection. The last one I actually read on a  Friday evening on the way home at the start of a new project was Marty Neumeier’s latest: 46 rules of genius. Light, uplifting and full of stuff I stand totally behind.

Favourite Album?

That’s tough. I’d love to say something cool (I do listen to lots of cool music) but possibly one of my favourite album’s of all time would be Michael Jackson’s Bad (or possibly The Prodigy’s Experience album). Off the Wall and Thriller have the best individual tunes, but Bad came at a time that was very formative in my life and for me it’s the most complete Michael Jackson album. 

In order to regain some cred, I am finding myself listening a lot to Darkside’s Psychic, and the Global Communication classic 76:14.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

'Shit is fertilising’ from my boss at LBi, Marcus Mustafa. No matter what gets you down, it will help you in the long term.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever bestowed?

Done is beautiful 

If you could be anywhere, where would it be? 

There’s a beach in Ilha Grande a few hours from Brazil where the sand creaks like snow and it’s pretty quiet. I think i’d like to be there with a nutty problem to solve

If you could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?

Contributing to the field of experience focused design across physical products and digital services