Coming up on September 20 in NYC

Bridget L. Goodbody, Art Activist and founder of Art Intelligence                                            


How has technology changed how we enjoy and access visual art? 

Digital technology has been a disruptive force for many industries and has had a profound impact on the music, print and film industries. The technological shifts affecting our culture can pose serious challenges to existing ways of operating but can also equally create opportunities. 

Bridget is a former New York Times art critic and art history professor with over thirty years experience working in the art world. Bridget will be discussing her work at Art Intelligence bringing art to the people and how innovation in software and digital technology is being woven into the art world and education today. 

Soho House New York, September 20, 2016
8:30am to 10:00am
Coffee and pastry served.

Rising Minds presents Bridget L. Goodbody (Art Intelligence)

Coming up on Sept 29 in LDN

Adriana Goldenberg
SAM Labs


Turning children into Industrial Revolutionaries

Adriana will discuss how all consumer markets, including hardware technology, are moving away from mass production and into bespoke innovations and learning. 

Now, more than ever, children and entrepreneurs have got access to playthings and makethings, to turn their ideas to reality, to learn while playing. The company's creation, SAM ( was born from trial and error, a hundred prototypes finally landing on the shelves of Selfridges.

Soho Works, September 29, 2016
8:30am to 10:00am
Coffee and pastry served.

Eventbrite - Rising Minds presents Joachim Horn (SAM Labs) // Turning children into Industrial Revolutionaries

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