Our Manifesto

At Rising Minds, we believe that the future is formed where technology, business and culture collide.

This is where we explore.

We love nothing more than to walk the margins, unearth tales from the frontier and stimulate debate.

We also share what we learn along the way, knowing that together, we create positive change in our global communities.

Come! Join us! 

The Backstory

With over 20 years of experience in innovation, design and communication consulting between them, Drew Smith and Jean-Robert Saintil came together in 2013 to find answers to a vexing question: how is the unfolding collision of technology, business and culture going to affect us?

Searching far and wide, Drew and Jean identified speakers with oblique views on the question and gave them a platform to share what they know. At the same time, they began building a community of like-minded enquirers around their monthly talks.

The addition of host teams in New York, Toronto and Sydney heralded the beginnings of truly global community, one which they will continue to nurture and grow, with the help of fantastic community of volunteers.

If you're interested in hosting a community in your city, or would like to support the growth of Rising Minds, they'd love to hear from you.

Just get in touch.